Refuge welcomes latest CPS figures on domestic abuse prosecutions


Following the publication of the CPS Violence against Women and Girls crime report, which shows that the CPS is prosecuting and convicting more cases of domestic abuse than ever before, Sandra Horley CBE, chief executive of Refuge, said: 

“Refuge welcomes the new CPS figures, which show that the number of prosecutions and convictions for domestic abuse have reached a record high. Under the leadership of the Director of Public Prosecutions, much-needed progress has been made on achieving justice for survivors of violence. Refuge applauds the CPS’s continued commitment to increasing prosecutions for domestic abuse.

“Despite the CPS’s commitment, there is still an issue of scale. As we read in yesterday’s Evening Standard, there were nearly 60,000 domestic abuse offences recorded in London last year.  Nationwide, over a million women experience domestic violence every year. The police receive a domestic violence related call every 30 seconds. There are huge numbers of domestic violence cases that never reach the CPS. Many women are simply too frightened to come forward.

“When women do seek help, many feel let down by the police response. There are countless incidents where police fail to investigate, do not arrest the perpetrator and do not capture evidence to enable the CPS to charge. In this context, it is worrying that there has been a 4.1% reduction in referrals from the police to the CPS for domestic abuse crimes.

“Whilst Refuge welcomes these latest figures from the CPS, there needs to be change throughout the entire criminal justice system in order to ensure women get the protection they need and deserve.”

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