Refuge responds to the latest development in The Archers’ domestic violence storyline


Responding to Helen Titchener’s stabbing of her husband Rob Titchener in The Archers, Refuge chief executive Sandra Horley CBE said: 

“Refuge is as shocked as everyone else by the dramatic turn of events in The Archers on Sunday evening.

“Listeners do not know how this story will unfold.  What they do know is that Helen obviously felt under threat from an aggressive man. Rob was behaving in a menacing way towards Helen’s son Henry, and in the melee that ensued, Rob suffered (apparently) fatal wounds. This episode tells us that a victim of prolonged abuse may one day fight back when she is in great danger.

“Helen’s situation mirrors what so many abused women feel and experience every day.  It is important to remember that research shows an abused woman is at most risk at the point of separation. This storyline simply reflects the reality for many women today and I congratulate the script writers for highlighting a much ignored issue.”

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