Refuge responds to latest Crown Prosecution Service violence against women and girls statistics


Today’s Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) ‘Violence Against Women and Girls’ report reflects a mixed bag of results in terms of delivering justice for the victims of these devastating crimes.

While the increase in police referrals and CPS prosecutions of coercive control, stalking and breaches of restraining orders is clearly welcome progress, the fall in the number of rape referrals and charges is especially alarming for Refuge.

Chief Executive of Refuge, Sandra Horley CBE said: “A drop in rape charges of 23% in one year is of huge concern to Refuge at a time when reports to police are actually on the increase. We urge an immediate review of this shocking decline.

“It takes a huge amount of courage for women to give evidence against their abuser. It is crucial that victims feel protected by having the full weight of the law behind them. The CPS needs to step up its work to prosecute more perpetrators of violence against women and girls offences.”

Read the full report on the CPS website