Refuge responds to HM Inspectorate of Probation report


A report by HM Inspectorate of Probation on the supervision of offenders convicted of domestic abuse offences by Community Rehabilitation Companies (CRCs) has found that CRCs are failing to sufficiently supervise domestic abuse perpetrators and are therefore putting women and children at risk.

Sandra Horley CBE, Chief Executive of Refuge, said:

“It is alarming that the outsourced supervision of low- and medium-risk offenders is failing to keep domestic abuse victims safe and prevent future incidents of violence.

“Vulnerable women and children are being put at risk on a daily basis by probation staff, who lack understanding of domestic abuse and have insufficient skills and time to accurately assess the threat to victims. This is a shocking indictment, but all the worse in the context of it occurring in as many as seven out of ten cases, according to this report.

“We congratulate the Inspectorate on such a rigorous review and for drawing much-needed attention to this vital issue. Domestic abuse is a devastating crime affecting one in four women in the UK at some point in their lifetime, meanwhile hundreds of thousands of children are growing up in homes where domestic violence is taking place.

“The Ministry of Justice is responsible for ensuring the probation system delivers for the people of England and Wales. As it consults on reforms to these services, improving the protection of victims of domestic abuse should be its top priority, especially in the light of the picture painted by today’s report.”

Read the full report, ‘Domestic abuse: the work undertaken by Community Rehabilitation Companies’, here.