Refuge responds to guilty verdict in Shana Grice murder trial


Responding to the news that Michael Lane has been found guilty of the murder of Shana Grice, Sandra Horley CBE, chief executive of Refuge, said:

“Two women are killed by their current or ex-partners every single week in England and Wales. Refuge is deeply saddened to learn of the murder of Shana Grice, and my thoughts are with her family at this tragic time.

“The circumstances of Shana’s death are alarming; but sadly not uncommon. Over the course of the trial jurors heard how Shana made several complaints to the police about her killer, Michael Lane. During the trial, Lane admitted fitting a tracker to Shana’s car and stealing a key to her back door. At one stage, instead of being offered protection by the police, Shana was given a fixed penalty notice for ‘wasting’ police time.

“The police response to domestic violence in this country is woefully inadequate. Domestic violence is a life and death issue; police must learn from recurring failures to protect life and be trained to listen to and believe women when they say they are frightened of their partners.

“The time has come to introduce a mandatory arrest and charge policy when there are reasonable grounds to assume an assault has taken place or will take place in the future. Only then will women receive the protection they deserve and lives be saved; only then will women like Shana be prevented from becoming yet another statistic.”

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