Refuge responds to the Sentencing Council’s new domestic abuse guidelines


Refuge welcomes the Sentencing Council’s new domestic abuse guidelines which launched today, 22 February, 2018.

Survivors of domestic abuse who have accessed Refuge’s services and our expert frontline staff met the Sentencing Council in 2017 to discuss and develop the guidelines, and we believe they go a long way to help women and children fleeing abusive relationships.

Sandra Horley, CBE, CEO of Refuge, says:

“These new sentencing guidelines are a huge step forward for women escaping domestic violence. Refuge has long campaigned for crimes committed in a domestic context to be treated as seriously, if not more seriously, than any other.

“Domestic violence is a gross violation of trust. Countless women and children are terrorised and brutalised in their homes – how would you feel if a violent attacker had the key to your front door? I am glad that the courts will be encouraged to recognise that everybody has the right to feel safe in their own home.

“Refuge also welcomes the new recognition of how abusers exploit modern technology to track and torment women. We recently launched our new tech abuse programme to keep women safe and empower them in an increasingly online world. These sentencing guidelines better reflect the reality of domestic violence today.”

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