Refuge launches IMPACT – its bespoke case management tool for those protecting women and children at risk


Refuge has made its bespoke case management system, IMPACT, available for other organisations protecting those experiencing domestic and sexual violence. As well as providing dynamic case management that saves on bureaucracy, IMPACT is able to demonstrate exactly what outcomes Refuge achieves for the women and children it supports. Now, other organisations can benefit from this specialist outcomes framework.

Jane Keeper, Refuge’s Director of Operations, said:

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“IMPACT is a critical factor in the work Refuge does to protect vulnerable women and children. It is how we continually improve services for the 3,800 clients we support on any given day, and it is how we evidence outcomes. Refuge believes that IMPACT is too important a tool to be kept to ourselves – which is why I am delighted to be making it available to other organisations supporting those at risk.

“Refuge knows that in the current economic, getting funding and approval for projects and services is harder than ever. Demonstrating value for money is vital. IMPACT gives commissioners reassurance that the services will deliver high-quality and effective performance, as well as providing oversight and accountability. IMPACT can evidence that every penny invested is providing a positive social return on investment – and this is invaluable.

“IMPACT shows exactly what outcomes have been achieved for clients across four broad areas: health, safety, social wellbeing and economic wellbeing. It allows Refuge to show that its services do much more than save lives – they change lives, by giving women and children the building blocks they need to start again, free from violence and fear.

“Most importantly, IMPACT gives vulnerable clients and their children the best possible pathway to a safer and better life. In high-risk cases the speed and quality of our response can mean the difference between life and death. Put simply, IMPACT is the best way for commissioners, caseworkers and service managers supporting those at risk to make sure all the right things are done, when they need to be done, by all the right people. That is why we want to share it with other practitioners.”

Michael Allen, Domestic Abuse and Hate Crime coordinator in the London Borough of Richmond said:

“IMPACT has been of great benefit to us at Richmond Council. It enables the domestic violence specialists in the borough to deliver a professional service which ensures they focus on supporting victims, ensuring they receive high quality support and protection, rather than spending their valuable time filling in endless forms.

“In the current economic climate it is vital that value for money is achieved and evidenced, and Impact provides this in a well-structured way providing clear well evidenced outcomes that make a strong case for these much needed specialist services.”

If you would like to find out more about IMPACT, please visit our newly launched website or contact