Procurement is an essential function within Refuge and our procurement processes aim to deliver best value for money as well as helping to manage risk within our supply chain. Through our procurement activity we are committed to maximising our return on donated funds so that the maximum resource can directly benefit our clients, helping them rebuild their lives and overcome many different forms of violence and abuse.

We understand that to achieve best value, we need a procurement process that encourages innovative service provision and delivers efficiency, effectiveness and value for money.

Our key procurement principles are:

  • Value for money – a prime aim of the procurement process is to ensure that the best value for money is achieved
  • Ethical approach, ensuring fairness and transparency and ensuring we work with partners who adhere to best practices and legislation.
  • Risk – ensure Refuge is not opened to any unnecessary risk from its supply chain

While Refuge is not publically funded and therefore not subject to the Public Procurement Regulations, we do reflect best practice in our approach to sourcing all goods and services.

We aim to use Refuge’s standard contracts where appropriate and most of our spend is covered by our Standard Terms and Conditions.

Contact us

If you are interested in becoming a supplier to Refuge, please send a short message and details to We receive a lot of enquiries from suppliers passionate about working with us, whilst we’re very grateful, we will only follow up with you if your offering is of current relevance to our needs.