Refuge’s Domestic Violence and Abuse Service Warwickshire

If you are experiencing domestic violence in Warwickshire, Refuge’s Domestic Violence and Abuse Service Warwickshire can support you and your children to keep safe. Refuge Domestic Violence and Abuse Service Warwickshire is a county-wide service which provides support to women, men and children experiencing domestic violence in Warwickshire.

Domestic abuse and violence is the abuse of one partner within an intimate or family relationship. It is the repeated, random and habitual use of intimidation to control a partner. The abuse can be physical, emotional, psychological, financial or sexual. Anyone forced to alter their behaviour because they are frightened of their partner’s reaction is being abused. Find out more about recognising abuse. Our services include:

Our safe houses are for women and children who are experiencing domestic violence. Staff in our refuges work with women to keep them safe, but also offer practical and emotional support. They understand the trauma women have experienced and are there to listen. The other women staying in the refuge can also provide valuable peer support.

Refuge’s independent domestic violence advocates (IDVAs) support both men and women who have experienced domestic violence who are navigating the legal system.

The legal system can often be frightening and isolating for victims of domestic violence. Our team of independent advocates provide non-judgmental practical and emotional support to clients.

Our IDVAs help to keep clients safe whilst liaising with the numerous agencies involved in pressing charges against perpetrators. They advocate for the client – acting as their ‘eyes and ears’.

An IDVA can help with the following:

  • Creating safety plans and undertaking risk assessments
  • Accompanying clients to court or arranging pre-trial visits
  • Supporting clients to give evidence and write victim impact statements
  • Requesting special measures e.g. screens to conceal clients in court so they do not have to face their abuser
  • Helping clients to access refuge accommodation
  • Helping clients to increase security in their property so that they can continue to live safely at home
  • Providing emotional support and referring victims to counselling or mental health services
  • Liaise with social workers on child protection issues

Our IDVAs have been shown to substantially reduce the risk of domestic violence facing victims.

IDVAs also play a crucial role in the community. They provide essential domestic violence training to key agencies such as the police and the Crown Prosecution Service, which greatly improves the way professionals respond to domestic violence cases.

Our community outreach workers meet people in their homes, or in a discreet place in the community, to offer confidential support on a range of safety, practical and emotional issues.

Outreach workers can help people to keep safe, whilst supporting them to understand their options and make decisions about their lives. They will not judge people and will always respect their choices.

  • A 10 week group programme for women focusing on the dynamics of domestic violence
  • A sanctuary scheme which can provide additional security to a property. For example this could include additional locks on windows and doors, a door chain, a spy hole in the door, fire proof letter box, or a smoke detector
  • Drop-in services, held at locations across Warwickshire, to give clients the opportunity to meet with our outreach team

The domestic abuse health service provides domestic violence and abuse training, support and referral pathway for primary and secondary care staff.

It is a targeted support service for patients aged 16 and above experiencing current or former domestic violence and abuse from a partner, ex-partner or adult family member. It provides care pathways for all patients living with abuse as well as information and signposting for perpetrators.

The Warwickshire service rests on three Health Advocate Educators, one for each of the Clinical Commissioning Group areas in the county. The advocate educator provides training and on-going support to GP practices and other health professionals to enable primary and secondary care staff to be able to effectively talk to their patients about domestic violence and abuse.

Working at the multi-agency risk assessment conference

Refuge also works with the local multi-agency risk assessment conference (MARAC) team to share information, as appropriate, with statutory and voluntary agencies in relation to high risk cases of domestic violence.

What is the MARAC?

The MARAC is a monthly multi-agency risk assessment conference which reviews the safety of victims of domestic abuse identified as being at high risk.  At the conference risks are identified and safety actions are taken by the appropriate agencies.

Referrals and further information:

Referrals to the MARAC can be made, and are encouraged, by any agency which identifies a victim of domestic abuse as being high risk.  The formal risk identification tool (DASH) should be completed by the referring agency and then sent to the MARAC coordinator via email: .

If the referrer does not have a secure email, then the referrer should ring the MARAC coordinator on 0800 408 1552 for support and information or email:

Who can access our services?

  • Women and men experiencing domestic violence in Warwickshire: Nuneaton and Bedworth; North Warwickshire; Rugby; Warwick District; Stratford Upon Avon
  • Everyone – clients who are black or from minority ethnic backgrounds, lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, questioning or intersex

What is Refuge?
Refuge is the country’s largest provider of specialist support for women, men and children experiencing domestic violence. Our services change lives and save lives.

We opened the world’s first safe house for abused women and children in West London, in 1971. Our national network of services now supports more than 6,000 women, men and children on any given day*. If you are being abused, Refuge’s expert staff can provide confidential, non-judgmental support. We can help you rebuild your life free from fear.

If you’re in Warwickshire, please call Refuge’s Domestic Violence and Abuse Service Warwickshire Helpline on 0800 408 1552 (Monday-Friday 8:30am-8:30pm) to speak to one of our support workers.

If the line is busy or for out of hours calls, a voicemail operates on this number. If you leave a message, please do let us know your name, number and a safe time to call and we will get back to you.

Email us – – with any queries or questions.

In an emergency always call 999.

*Accurate as of November 2017