In the UK, 750,000 children witness domestic violence each year, an experience that can have a profound and lasting impact. Yet Refuge’s vital services for children experiencing domestic violence are under-funded and under threat.

Through the social media campaign #givethemrefuge, Refuge – in pro-bono partnership with creative agency BBH – aimed to raise awareness of these hidden survivors of domestic abuse, and raise vital funds for its front-line services.

Please watch the short, powerful film above and help us #givethemrefuge by sharing the video and making a donation to save Refuge’s services today.



givethemrefuge tvIncreased awareness

Facebook generously donated media space to the #givethemrefuge campaign. This allowed Refuge to share its powerful campaign video, which launched on Christmas Eve, with 2.1 million parents who use the social media site. The film was made in the style of a home video and designed to appear alongside the many happy festive scenes on people’s timelines. During the campaign period, Refuge experienced a 1000% spike in website visits.

89% spike in donations

Thanks to this brilliant awareness raising and social media engagement, Refuge saw a 89% increase in donations during the campaign period. This money went towards keeping the doors of Refuge’s frontline services open. More than half of refuge residents are children; with specialist support, these children can begin to cope with and make sense of what has happened in their families. Read more about the impact of #givethemrefuge here.


Amanda* witnessed domestic violence from a young age, as she explains:

“From as young as I can remember I witnessed my father abuse, threaten and intimidate my mum; my brother, mother and I lived in daily fear and terror. It was only after a frantic phone call I had with my father that I knew he would fulfill his threat to ‘smash her brains against the wall’ and kill my mother. It was after that phone call that we made an escape to the sanctuary of a refuge. I was 10 years old then; I’m 22 now. Even today, I look back and thank my lucky stars that we were able to access support from Refuge. Not only did the refuge give us safety, anonymity and a place to overcome our trauma and rebuild our lives, but my brother and I had the opportunity to enjoy our childhood and also start over.


“I am ashamed that the state does not protect funding for the vital services that Refuge runs. Imagine if we had not had access to a refuge – would I be alive today? Would my brother, my mother? I would urge anyone affected by this issue to reach out and contact Refuge. And I would ask everyone to share #givethemrefuge – a powerful video which tells a story that was so very similar to my own. And please please do donate – together we can save services and ensure children like me and my brother get the support they so desperately need and deserve.”

*Names have been changed to protect anonymity