1 in 4 women

In 2011 Refuge and Avon launched an online campaign designed to help people support friends and loved ones experiencing domestic violence.

One in four women will experience domestic violence at some point in her lifetime. This means that someone you know – a sister, daughter, friend, colleague or neighbour – could be at real risk.

It can be hard to know how to support a friend or loved one who is experiencing domestic violence; 1 in 4 women aims to empower more women to recognise abuse and reach out.


What we did

website 328New website

As part of the campaign, Refuge and Avon launched a microsite, www.1in4women.com. This unique online resource gives a wealth of information about the signs and causes of domestic violence, as well as advice about how to support a friend who may be suffering in silence. Previously, there had been no other website offering this kind of guidance specifically to friends and family.

Facebook app thumbFacebook App

This free App sent a shockwave of awareness through the online community. Once downloaded, it applied the 1 in 4 statistic to the user’s Facebook profile and posted a personalised message, exposing exactly how many of their friends could be affected by abuse – as well as giving information about how to help. Following the launch, more than 2,000 people downloaded the App.

video 328Interactive video

Refuge and Avon also launched an interactive video. Beautifully illustrated by Fursy Teyssier, the video educates viewers on how to support a friend or loved one who might be experiencing domestic violence by asking them questions about what they would do. How viewers respond to the questions asked determines how the video plays out.

Celebrity support duo 328Real-life stories

News reader and Refuge patron Fiona Bruce was one of the women who told her story of supporting a friend. She said: “I know first hand how helpless you can feel when someone you love is experiencing domestic violence. I watched as years of domestic violence turned one of my closest friends into a shadow of her former vivacious, exciting self.”