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Refuge is committed to researching the effects of domestic violence and issues surrounding service provision for abused women and children. Our in-house research informs the development of our services, promotes best practice and makes recommendations for policy and legislation.

mmml cover thumbFinancial abuse

As part of their ‘My money, my life’ campaign, Refuge and The Co-operative Bank carried out the UK’s largest study to date on financial abuse within intimate partner relationships. The ‘Money Matters’ report shows the scale of financial abuse and makes recommendations for change within the banking industry, so that victims are better supported. Read it here.

SROI thumbRefuge’s social value

NEF Consulting’s independent evaluation to determine the ‘social return on investment’ (SROI) of Refuge’s services found that for every £1 invested, Refuge’s clients, their families and society at large receives a reward equivalent to £4.94. Refuge also saves the State £5.9 million a year across the health and criminal justice systems. Read the summary here, and the full report here.

Posters and resources hub thumbPosters and resources

Click here to download free Refuge resources for your organisation. These include posters about the warning signs of domestic violence and the National Domestic Violence Helpline (run by Refuge and Women’s Aid), as well as practical guides for women experiencing abuse. You can also find Refuge’s annual reports here.



Publications by theme

2008: Refuge produced a Service Snapshot, to measure the support it was offering to women and children on one typical day.

2008: Refuge produced the report ‘Starting in Schools’ as a result its 2008 YouGov survey. The survey explored young women’s attitudes and knowledge of the warning signs of domestic violence and the human right to a life free from violence.

2011: Refuge and the NSPCC, funded by the City Bridge Trust, produced a report on the services for children living with domestic violence in London. Click here for an executive summary or download the full report, ‘Meeting the Needs of Children Living With Domestic Violence’, here.

2005: Refuge produced a report into the Assessment and Intervention for Pre-School Children Exposed to Domestic Violence. It identifies ways to support young children and help them overcome their experiences.

2001: Refuge published a report on domestic violence and the impacts on children, based on the results of a survey into the knowledge and experiences of educational personnel in the UK and Finland. This research was funded by the Daphne Project. Contact the Refuge press office on for a copy of this report.

1998: Refuge produced a review of children’s service development for the King’s Fund. This was a casework analysis of the impacts of domestic violence on women and children, reviewing the first three years of children’s service development at Refuge. The report highlights what was learned, describes the programme developed, presents information gleaned through a small pilot study, raises further questions and makes recommendations for best practice. Contact the Refuge press office on for a copy of this report.

2010: Refuge conducted a scoping study into the experience of forced marriage of women from Middle Eastern and North East African communities, ‘Forced Marriage in the UK’.

2008: Refuge contributed to the Amnesty International and Southall Black Sisters report ‘No Recourse, No Safety’. This report explored the plight of women with insecure immigration status and no recourse to public funds who experience domestic violence.

2015: As part of Refuge and The Co-operative’s campaign to highlight financial abuse, My Money, My Life, Refuge published the largest UK study to date on the extent of financial abuse in relationships. Read ‘Money Matters’ here.

2008: Refuge released a study into the impacts of financial abuse on women and children experiencing domestic violence – What’s Yours is Mine. Click here to read the full report, and here to read the summary.

2008: Refuge contributed to a Family Welfare Association/One Parent Families/Gingerbread report on the Financial Impact of Domestic Violence.

2007: Refuge contributed to the Fawcett Society report on Women’s Assets and Debts.

2005: The Advice Development Project, funded by the HBOS Foundation – which Refuge commissioned to explore the financial needs of women and children experiencing domestic violence – produced its final report in 2005.

Find out more about financial abuse here.

2010: Refuge and Respect produced a Domestic Abuse Resource Manual for Employers. This comprehensive resource is designed to help employers and HR professionals respond to employees who are victims or perpetrators of abuse. In 2011, Refuge and Respect published an evaluation of Refuge and Respect’s domestic violence manual for employers.

NEF Consulting has undertaken two studies of the the social return on investment (SROI) created by Refuge’s services:

In 2013, NEF Consulting found that for every £1 invested in Refuge’s specialist services, clients, their families and society at large receives a reward equivalent to £3.54.

In 2016, this had increased to a reward equivalent to £4.94.

NEF Consulting also found that Refuge saves the state £5.9 million of public money a year across the health and criminal justice systems – just counting 5,000 of the 8,000 clients support per year.

Read NEF Consulting’s most recent summary paper here, and full report here.

2016: Evaluation of the Eastern European ‘Domestic Violence Champions’ project, by Refuge.

2015: ‘We are the voice of women’: Refuge Eastern European Advocacy Service Evaluation Report, by Dr. Ravi K. Thiara.

2011: Refuge’s Eastern European Community Outreach project: Evaluation Report, by Dr. Ravi K. Thiara.

2009: Providing Court Based Support: An evaluation of the Refuge Southwark Advocacy Project – Dr. Ravi K. Thiara.

2008: National Domestic Violence Helpline Impact Study for Comic Relief.

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