Survivor Ambassadors

Refuge is fortunate to be supported by a number of passionate survivors, all of whom are committed to sharing their stories to help us campaign against domestic violence and provide support to women and girls.

Amy Aldworth

“As a survivor of domestic stalking my hope is that every woman and every child can be free of domestic abuse and violence. I am honoured to be working with Refuge as an ambassador to raise awareness and campaign for change.”

Erica Osakwe

“I am beyond grateful to be asked by Refuge to stand alongside so many incredible individuals as an ambassador for the charity. Having worked alongside them already to campaign for legislation changes, I am already confident in this union and extremely excited and determined to continue the work that is necessary to guarantee the safety of woman and girls across the country!”

Hollie Woolford

“I was very nearly one of the two women who are killed each week by a current or former partner. Today, I’m still here thanks to Refuge’s work and support. The world needs to know about Refuge’s life saving and life changing services.”

Melanie Clarke

“After years of abuse I understand the mind of a victim, which is why I feel I connect well with women. Helping women to find there light again from something so dark is a beautiful thing. On my journey of raising awareness I have learnt we have nothing to be ashamed of, speaking out not only brings inner peace but saves lives.”

Melony and Hayden Slack

“We have worked with and been supported by Refuge since Hayden’s sister Rachael and her toddler son Auden were killed by her ex partner in 2010. We were horrified to learn that two women a week are killed by a current or ex partner (*in England and Wales *) which means that over a thousand more women have lost their lives to domestic violence since Rachael and Auden were killed. We are honoured to have been given this opportunity to speak out on Rachael’s behalf and to help ensure other women in her situation can access the vital  support services that Refuge offers.”

Natasha Saunders

“I’m working with Refuge to be the voice for victims and survivors of domestic abuse. When two women a week die at the hands of their abuser, I feel it is my job to speak the words they never had the chance to. With awareness and education, we can make positive change.”