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Refuge is fortunate to be supported by a number of passionate individuals, all of whom are dedicated to campaigning against domestic violence and other forms of violence against women and girls.

Sir Patrick Stewart OBE

“As a child I witnessed repeated violence against my mother – but there was nowhere to go for help. The truth is, domestic violence is protected by silence. More women and children, just like my mother and me, will continue to experience abuse unless we all speak out against it.”

Helen Mirren thumbDame Helen Mirren

“Refuge is an established and experienced charity which has always been at the forefront of understanding and dealing with the terrible outcomes of domestic violence. They have helped countless women and their families in their darkest hour, when it must have seemed as though life would forever be nothing but fear and loneliness. I am proud to be an ambassador of this remarkable charity.”

Cherie Booth thumbCherie Booth QC

“As a young barrister I represented many women who had been brutally beaten by their husbands. Refuge’s work is invaluable to the thousands of women it supports each year. Yet it cannot solve the problem alone. Every one of us must take responsibility for challenging domestic violence.”

Fiona Bruce thmbFiona Bruce

“I was honoured to be asked by Refuge to become an ambassador and I immediately accepted. Without Refuge, hundreds of women and children would have nowhere to go. No one to help them escape daily horrors in their own homes.”

Olivia Colman looking into a camera wearing blackOlivia Colman

“My eyes were opened to the issue of domestic abuse when I portrayed Hannah in Paddy Considine’s film Tyrannosaur.

When I was preparing for that role, I became aware of the vital work that Refuge do and gained a greater understanding of what women experiencing abuse go through. It’s been impossible for me to turn away from this widespread issue since then, something that sadly we know will impact 1 in 4 women across England and Wales in their lifetimes.”