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About Support a Stay
The safety of the women and children we support will always be our priority. Due to the confidential nature of our work we are not able to put you in contact with the women and children you are supporting.
The locations of our refuges are completely confidential and we cannot share the addresses with our supporters. The rooms we provide vary depending on the refuge and can be single rooms or self-contained rooms, however they all have beds and furniture and the refuges have laundry rooms and shared spaces for the women and children to support each other.
We are hoping that lots of supporters will become part of Support a Stay. If we restricted only one person to supporting a refuge or one resident the monthly donation we ask for would need to be much higher. By becoming part of Support a Stay you are joining a group of fantastic supporters, all coming together to help us provide refuge rooms to the women and children we support.
The cost of running our refuges is greater than 33p a day. We are asking for this amount as we believe it is an amount that is affordable for our supporters. The true cost of providing a room in one of our refuges is approximately £52 a day. We are hoping that many supporters like you will join Support a Stay and together your support will help to keep the doors to our refuges open.
Your donation will be used in the most effective way to ensure we can continue our work with women and children escaping domestic violence. Our refuges are a large proportion of what we do as a charity and we not only provide safe, confidential accommodation but our expert staff provide emotional and practical support to our residents throughout their stay.


Your donation could be used to not only support the costs of running our refuges but also help with the wide range of support services we give to women and children that need our help. By giving a regular amount each month to Refuge you are helping us to plan ahead and ensure we can continue to provide our services into the future.

Yes, absolutely. All the stories you read are true stories from the women and children we support. However, because of the confidential nature of our work and our need to protect the vulnerable women and children we work with the names have been changed and any identifying elements to a story (for example location) may have been changed to ensure it is safe for the woman to share her experience.
If your circumstances change and you are no longer able to support us through Support a Stay please contact us on 020 7395 7771 or email

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