Independence parcel – £75

Living lives free from violence

Some women may not need, or may not want, to access refuge accommodation. Women may benefit instead from practical and emotional outreach support in their own home or in a safe place in the community. Refuge outreach workers support women who are planning to leave and those who have already left abusive partners to rebuild their lives. The keyworker will meet with a woman wherever she feels safe and comfortable, whether that is at one of Refuge’s offices, at home, or in a local cafe or park. Many Refuge outreach workers also run drop-in sessions in their local communities, for example in children’s centres or advice centres.

Our independence parcel includes:

  • Support with understanding and navigating housing rights
  • Assistance when applying for grants and loans
  • Help with budgeting, bills or debts
  • Resettlement skills, such as shopping and cooking
  • Help finding work, training or education


  Thanks to Refuge, I’ve been able to rebuild my life. When I needed emotional and practical support, Refuge was there.



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