Children’s parcel – £25

Keeping children safe

Witnessing or experiencing domestic violence can be extremely traumatic for some children. Children may feel responsible for what is going on and could find their experiences hard to talk about. It can take time for children to speak out; and it takes time for them to understand that they are not to blame for the violence.

Our child support staff help children to rebuild their lives. Thanks to this specialist support, children can start to overcome their experiences of living with domestic violence.

Our children’s parcel includes:

  • Arts and crafts, story-telling, singing and cooking resources
  • Help with homework if they are at school
  • Group and one to one sessions with the children
  • Emotional support to help overcome their experiences


  My daddy was biting my mummy and she was choking and she was nearly dead. I was screaming myself to death.  
Ben* Refuge resident


*Names have been changed to protect the women and children we support.


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