Fundraise at university

Fundraising at university is a fantastic way to raise funds and awareness. Whether you are a member of a student society, part of your RAG Committee, or just want to make a difference on campus, there are countless ways that you can fundraise to support Refuge. It is also a great addition to your CV – everyone is a winner!

Some fundraising ideas are below. Our community fundraising team would love to have a chat with you about how you can support us, so please do drop us an email at

Bucket collection

Why not stand in the centre of campus at the busiest times and collect money for Refuge – you may be surprised at how much money you can collect!

Fitness challenge

Why not set yourself a challenge to walk/cycle/swim/run a certain distance over a month? This could be the equivalent distance between your university campuses, or a longer distance, such as Route 66. It is a great way to keep fit while supporting Refuge.

Give something up

Why not give something up, such as chocolate or wine, and donate the money you have saved to Refuge? You could even not use the bus for a week and donate your bus fare. You never know who may sponsor you to do this!

Bacon butty service

Why not offer to deliver bacon butties, or toast, to your fellow students in exchange for a donation to Refuge? This could be incredibly popular during exam season!

We would love to support you with your fundraising ideas – please do drop us an email at, and one of our friendly team will be in touch.