Fundraise at secondary school

Fundraising at school is a fantastic way to raise funds and awareness.

Whether you are a teacher, student or parent, there are countless ways that you can fundraise to support Refuge. Take a look at some of our top ideas here.

Help survivors like Alice and her mum feel safe and supported this Christmas

Alice, who fled to Refuge with her mum, is just one of the 750,000 children who witness domestic violence in Britain each year.

Women and children like Alice and her mum often arrive at Refuge’s services with little more than the clothes on their backs. Often, they have no money at all because their abuser has forbidden them from working, or stolen their benefits.”

We’re calling on secondary schools nationwide to fundraise in aid of Refuge, so that we can ensure all women and young people in our refuges are able to purchase new clothing.

Register for your free Dress Down for Domestic Abuse resource pack today and join schools across the UK to raise money to support more children and young people fleeing domestic abuse this Christmas.

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  • Bake sale – Encourage students and teachers to bring in home-made cakes, treats and healthy snacks, ready to sell at break and lunchtimes for a donation to Refuge.
  • Enterprise challenge – Provide each tutor group with a small start-up investment, and task them with purchasing materials to make and sell products and services – anything from school badges to natural soaps! Donate the proceeds to Refuge while learning key skills!
  • Organise an event – Round up the schools’ best performers to host a talent show, or a Battle of the Bands. You can ask for donations for tickets, or recruit volunteers to hold collection buckets at your Christmas panto or prom night.

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If you have questions – or just want to talk through an idea – please get in touch with our fundraising team.