Raise money for Refuge

Raise money for Refuge

Organising your own fundraising event can be great fun and very rewarding.

Your event could be anything from inviting friends and neighbours to your very own coffee morning, holding a pub quiz, or organising a raffle at work.

Whatever you chose to do, you will be enabling Refuge to continue to provide its life-saving and life-changing services and helping women and children to escape domestic violence and other forms of gender-based violence.


Our fundraising pack contains plenty of ideas and information about organising your own fundraising activity for Refuge.

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Already decided what you would like to do? We’d love to hear your plans so we can give you as much support as you need along the way.

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Here are some ideas to help get your creative juices flowing:

Fundraising on your own?

  • Barbecue – have fun with family and friends, ask for donations for the burgers and drinks
  • Pub quiz nights – ask if your local pub would be willing to host the event and encourage participants to pay a fee to join in the fun
  • Fancy dress party – ask friends to donate to come along and offer them a chance to win prizes for the best outfits
  • International-themed evening – hold a buffet dinner, with each friend bringing a dish from a different culture and making a donation
  • Tea mornings – put the kettle on and get baking. Entertain guests with raffles and auctions
  • Friends with skills – if you know anyone who can DJ, or is a very good cook, or is part of a local band, ask them to be the entertainment at a night where you raise funds for Refuge
  • Get sponsored for all sorts of things, for example giving up drinking alcohol, smoking or eating chocolate
  • Do a sponsored head shave or dye your hair an interesting colour of your choice (but we would go for pink!)
  • Register for one of our sport events

Fundraising with a club or society?

  • Consider Refuge to be your charity of the year
  • Hold a charity collection at your club or at a local supermarket
  • Organise a charity golf day, football match, or netball tournament – perhaps with a percentage of match-day ticket sales to be donated to Refuge
  • Host a Club Dinner with the ticket price and money raised through raffles and auctions going to Refuge
  • Have a bake sale at your next group meeting

Fundraising with your school?

  • Bake sale – encourage children and teachers to bring in home-baked goodies to sell for Refuge
  • Guess the teddy’s name – ask children to make a donation to make their name suggestion
  • Dress down day – ask students to make a donation to dress in their own clothes for a day
  • Pink day – ask students to make a donation to wear at least one pink item for a day
  • Hold an assembly – talk to students about the importance of talking to teachers about such issues

Fundraising with your university?

  • Collections – hold a collection for Refuge at your university campus or in your community to help raise money and awareness
  • Ball – why not raise money at your end-of-year ball through ticket sales and donations through raffle and auctions
  • Challenge event – gather a group to register to be part of Team Refuge and take part in one of our sport events
  • Awareness raising – help us raise awareness of our vital services around your university (contact us for posters)

Here are our top tips to help you be as successful as possible in your fundraising efforts for Refuge

  • What are friends for? Recruit your friends and family to help you out
  • Shout about it – use the power of social media to spread the word about your event
  • Get creative – something quirky will grab people’s attention and make it more exciting
  • It’s easy… to ask all your friends and family for sponsorship by setting up a free donation page or contact us to request your own sponsorship forms
  • Why not ask the boss? Ask your employer if they’ll match what you raise or support with your event
  • Read all about it – contact your local paper and get your story in the news. Contact us for help with this
  • What you’re doing is amazing – let everyone know why Refuge’s services are so important
  • Gift Aid it – ask UK tax payers to tick the Gift Aid box to reclaim an extra 25p of every £1 at no cost to them or you. (Please ask for full names and home addresses, without these we cannot make a claim)
  • Keep it legal – don’t forget to make sure whatever you do in support of Refuge is done in a legal way. Your fundraising pack has lots of information to put your mind at ease, but if you have any other questions, just get in touch

Already completed your fundraising? Thank you so much for your support.

Click here to pay in your money. Please don’t forget to add in the comments field what you did to raise money – we would love to hear!