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Gift Aid

Make your donations worth more – at no cost to you or us.

Gift Aid is a scheme which allows Refuge to reclaim the tax that you have already paid on your donations to us. Essentially, it means that we get your money back from the tax-man!

Gift Aid makes a huge difference to Refuge – for every £1 that you give, we receive 25p extra from HM Revenue & Customs which represents the tax that you paid on it.

This means that if you give us £10, we actually get £12.50 and every £100 donated to us is actually £125.00!

Can you claim gift aid from anyone?

We can only claim Gift Aid on your donations if you pay at least the basic rate of income tax or capital gains tax in the UK. You must ensure that you pay an amount of tax, in a year, equal or greater than the amount of tax that Refuge will be able to reclaim on your donation (25p currently, for every £1 donated).

If you are not a UK taxpayer, for example if you are not in employment, we cannot claim Gift Aid on your donations.

How do I get involved?

It really is very simple to sign up to Gift Aid – and it costs you nothing.

If you make a donation via our website, all you need to do is tick the Gift Aid box on the online donation form.

If you have made a donation to Refuge in the last four years and not made a Gift Aid declaration, please complete and submit our online Gift Aid form and we will then be able to make claims on past donations. Alternatively, you can download and complete a PDF form or please contact us and we can send you a form in the post.

Other tax-efficient ways of giving

If you already give to Refuge regularly or if you are interested in doing so, you can make your donations even more tax effective by donating to Refuge straight from your payroll. This is open to all employees paid by PAYE. Visit the payroll giving section of our website or get in touch with the fundraising team for more information.