Freephone 24-Hour National Domestic Abuse Helpline: 0808 2000 247
or visit the National Domestic Helpline website by clicking here.


Refuge launches digital animation on what to expect when calling its National Domestic Abuse Helpline as part of the UN Women’s 16 Days of Activism against gender-based violence Today, during the UN Women’s 16 Days of Activism against gender-based violence, Refuge launches a new digital animation to reach abused women who may need to access support from its National Domestic Abuse Helpline. The animation forms part of Refuge’s ongoing campaign to share the Helpline number and live chat resources with as many women as possible.  As we live through a second lockdown, more women than ever are experiencing domestic abuse … Continue reading

To reach women experiencing domestic abuse during Lockdown 2 and mark the International day for the Elimination of Violence against Women and Girls, which starts the annual ‘16 days of activism’, Refuge, has launched #iSeeYou, a video campaign supported by Google UK. Right now hundreds of thousands of women are trapped at home with their abusive partners in lockdown conditions. Living in fear day in day out, unable to access support. For most women experiencing domestic abuse this won’t have been their first lockdown – they will have spent years isolated and trapped with abuse escalating over time. This campaign … Continue reading

In response to the government’s announcement of a funding boost for rape and domestic abuse support services, Lisa King, director of communications and external relations at Refuge said: ‘Refuge welcomes this new funding pot for rape and domestic abuse services. The Covid-19 crisis has amplified what we already know –  that funds are urgently needed to ensure vital frontline services are able to plan ahead. The pandemic has had a huge impact on survivors – from being kept waiting for Universal Credit payments, to experiencing difficulty in obtaining ‘move on’ accommodation, and the rise in demand for Refuge’s National Domestic … Continue reading

As the country moves into a new period of lockdown and restrictions, Jane Keeper, Refuge’s director of operations said: ‘This is of course a time of great concern for women living with abusive partners. We know that the window to get help is ordinarily very limited –  that window narrows even further when isolated at home with an abusive partner. What we saw earlier this year as the country entered the first stage of lockdown was a large spike in demand for our services. We are fully prepared for that to continue as we move into new restrictions. I want … Continue reading

In response to Johnny Depp losing his libel case against The Sun. Lisa King, Refuge’s director of communications and external relations said: ‘This is an important ruling and one which we hope sends a very powerful message: Every single survivor of domestic abuse should be listened to and should be heard. No survivor should ever have her voice silenced. A common tactic used by perpetrators of domestic abuse is to repeatedly tell victims that no one will believe them –  and to use power and control to try and silence them. What we have seen today is that power, fame … Continue reading

Today is my final day as Chief Executive of Refuge, an organisation I have led, and loved, for nearly four decades. A lot has changed in the world during this time – and at Refuge – but one thing remains the same: domestic abuse is a horror that millions of women around the world live with every day. Forty-two years ago, I first started working in women’s refuges at the Haven Project in the Midlands. Back then, it was generally accepted by society that a man had a right to hit his partner and a woman just had to put up … Continue reading

In response to the CPS interim guidance on rape and sexual assault, Ellie Butt, Head of Policy and Public affairs at Refuge said: ‘Refuge welcomes the CPS interim guidance on rape and sexual assault, particularly the focus on rejecting rape myths and stereotypes, as well as  the relevance of the sexual history of victims when establishing consent. We hope it will help lead to more rape suspects being prosecuted and that  more women feel empowered to report rape and sexual assault and give them  confidence that the justice system will support them. The idea that women’s behaviours are in any way … Continue reading

8.7 million people report experiencing economic abuse – and 1.6 million saw this begin as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. The Co-operative Bank and Refuge, the UKs largest national domestic abuse charity release “Know Economic Abuse” report – five years on from launching landmark campaign to tackle economic abuse Approximately 16% of all UK adults identify as having experienced economic abuse in their current or former relationship – but the numbers may be higher as more than twice as many have experienced economically abusive behaviours 1.6 million adults (3%) saw their economic abuse begin during the Covid-19 pandemic Report … Continue reading

Refuge, the UKs largest domestic abuse charity, and former civil servant, and star of Love Island,  Zara McDermott take ‘The Naked Threat’ campaign  to decision makers to demand change in law. Today, Thursday 24 September, Refuge, former civil servant and Love Island star Zara McDermott, and survivor of domestic abuse Natasha Saunders, will take Refuge’s ‘The Naked Threat’ campaign to the gates of Parliament to urge the Government to ensure the Domestic Abuse Bill better protects women and girls from abuse. The campaign has already been backed by Dame Vera Baird, Victims Commissioner, as well as Nicole Jacobs, Domestic Abuse … Continue reading

In response to the murder of Chantelle Atkins by her husband Gray in Eastenders, Lisa King, director of communications and external relations at national domestic abuse charity Refuge said: ‘The scenes we have seen take place in Eastenders over the last few months are sadly reflective of what Refuge sees every single day. Women being controlled, abused, and in some instances killed by their abusive partners. Women’s lives being lost to male violence, while friends and family members are left to grieve having felt powerless to stop the abuse, or being unaware it was even happening. The team at Eastenders … Continue reading