BSI 2018 assessment is testimony to Refuge’s work


Refuge takes utmost pride in having maintained its BSI (British Standards Institution) ISO 9001 certification – validation of Refuge’s commitment to providing the best possible support to the survivors of domestic abuse and other gender-based violence.

The BSI audit reviewed the management of specialist services run by Refuge, including women’s refuges, culturally specific support for women from black and minority ethnic communities, outreach and independent domestic violence, sexual violence advocacy and other gender violence services.

Refuge became the first domestic violence organisation in the country to achieve the internationally-recognised ISO 9001 certification by BSI in 2010. Since then, Refuge has continued to operate a first-class management system for its national network of services, which BSI has confirmed complies with the requirements of the ISO 9001 standard.

In Refuge’s latest assessment, which took place in February, it was recognised that Refuge had multiple best practice processes and had achieved excellence in many contexts, especially in the measurement of customer perception/satisfaction. The assessment highlighted the factual nature of Refuge’s decision-making, which helps to ensure the organisation, its donors and the staff on the ground can be certain that decisions are made with confidence.

Refuge takes huge pride in the auditor’s assessment which highlighted that in many ways Refuge is ahead of the curve in terms of systems and processes designed to improve the quality of service for its customers.

“Refuge is the largest single provider of specialist violence against women and girls services in the country,” said Jane Keeper, Refuge’s director of operations, welcoming the audit’s conclusion. “We have developed a distinctive, specialist approach to managing the cases of the 6,050 victims escaping abuse and violence we support on any given day.

“We are especially delighted that BSI has recognised Refuge’s strategic direction and its new approach to tackling tech abuse. Refuge strives at all times to offer the best possible support to women and children experiencing domestic abuse and other types of gender-based violence.”

Sandra Horley, CBE, chief executive of Refuge, commended the organisation’s staff: “This ISO 9001 certification is a wonderful tribute to the immense hard work and dedication of all Refuge’s employees. We have a team of amazing expert staff and managers across the organisation, each of whom has contributed to this achievement. Working in emotionally-tough roles and financially-challenging times, our team goes the extra mile on a daily basis to save and transform the lives of victims of gender-based violence.”

Carla Whyte, Senior Client Propositions Manager at BSI commented on the value of Refuge’s certification: “By achieving certification to ISO 9001, Refuge can provide assurance to its customers and stakeholders that it is carrying out best practice in quality management, and is focused on continually improving its products and services. The Refuge staff, its management team and trustees should be very proud of this achievement.”

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