Independent Sexual Violence Advocate


Approximately 89,000 women are raped each year in England and Wales alone.

We have a team of 32 trained Independent Sexual Violence Advocates (ISVAs) and 10 Independent Gender-based Violence Advocates (IGVAs).

In the year 2016-17 90% of women who wanted to make a statement about their abuse to the police were supported by us to do so.

It’s been a week since we launched #RefugeAdvent, and there’s still so much you can do to help Refuge continue its vital work supporting the thousands of women and children we help every single day.

Today, help us spread Christmas cheer to women and children escaping violence and fear by purchasing them a Christmas meal Parcel for just £5

Purchase a Christmas Meal Parcel

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We are asking our incredible supporters – supporters just like you – to get behind this campaign. Follow the Refuge Advent daily updates and please support our work along the way.

And finally – please come back tomorrow to find out what’s behind the 9th door of our Refuge Advent calendar!

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