Independent Domestic Violence Advocates

Refuge has a 50-strong team of Independent Domestic Violence Advocates (IDVAs), supporting survivors of domestic, sexual, tech and gender-based violence, including those at the highest risk of serious harm or homicide.

Where our IDVAs support a woman through to the conclusion of a court case, 74% of these cases end in guilty verdicts.

In 2016-17 our IDVAs supported 2,762 women, 3,793 children and 89 men; a 43% increase in the number of clients we supported in 2015-16.

On this third day of Refuge Advent, we’re highlighting how we’re working to save and change lives. There’s so much you can do to help Refuge continue to do this vital work.

Today, help us make sure the 6,000 women and children we support each day have the Christmas they deserve. Visit our gift list page and bring joy to someone who is experiencing, or has just escaped, abuse this Christmas.  Gifts are priced from just £3 upwards.

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