In 2016-17 49% of women who arrived at our services had experienced attempted strangulation, choking or drowning.

When they left, 94% felt somewhat/much safer.

“If this service didn’t exist I would still be with my husband. I wouldn’t have shared my pain, my hurt. But now I have a better future; my kids can have safe lives. I know I will manage every kind of situation. I know I’m independent. I can sleep calmly, knowing that when I wake I will still be alive.”

If you’ve got that pre-Christmas Friday feeling please spend a moment thinking about the 6,000 women and children we’ll be supporting on Christmas Day– and every day thereafter.  Please set up a 33p a day direct debit to ensure we can keep our refuges running.  Support a Stay and you too can make a life-saving difference to the families who need our support.

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