Domestic Homicide

Two women a week are killed by a current or former partner in England and Wales alone.

Women like Rachael Slack who, along with her 23 month old son Auden, were stabbed to death in 2010 by her ex partner. After months of increasingly abusive and controlling behaviour, Rachael was killed at home in her kitchen, her son dying later in hospital from his wounds. In the seven years since, Rachael’s family have been dragged through two independent police complaint commission reports, a six week inquest and a Serious Case Review. Collectively, these have found a catalogue of mistakes and missed opportunities for intervention. Refuge has been working to support Rachael’s family whilst calling on the State authorities to learn lessons from the tragic deaths, to improve practice into the future

There were a total of 432 domestic homicides recorded by the police in England and Wales (April 2012-March 2015). This represents 30% of homicides of people 16 or over recorded during this time, of which 73% of the victims were female. Domestic violence takes lives and ruins lives.

Are you as horrified as we are that 2 women are killed every week; week in week out; year in year out; decade in decade out?  Work with Refuge to bring about much needed change and together save the lives of women.

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