76% of domestic homicides occur shortly after a woman has left the perpetrator. Please help Refuge save lives

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The point at which a woman leaves a violent partner is often the most dangerous. 76% of domestic homicides occur shortly after a woman has left the perpetrator. Refuge’s outreach workers are out on the frontline, working discreetly within the community, supporting women in a variety of safe locations. The outreach team ensures women understand their options, can make informed decisions about their futures and stay safe.

Your support means we can continue to provide specialist domestic violence services, including outreach support, keeping more women and children safe from violence and fear. A donation today will help Refuge save lives.


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One of Refuge’s outreach support workers gives her story below:



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Please forgive me for writing you a message that I cannot sign with my real name. This is because I work in the shadows, helping women abused by their partners move to a place of safety.

You can understand how difficult leaving is for women – after years of being belittled, having their confidence destroyed, physically abused, and in terror of what their partner would do if they left. (Around 76% of domestic homicides occur shortly after a woman has left the perpetrator.)

In my job, no two days are the same and neither are the women and children I work with. Some of my clients may have just begun to realise that their partner’s behaviour is abusive and might need guidance around keeping safe. Some women could have every detail of escape mapped out and might just need support to take the final step. Then often there is still the task of helping women brave the court system to seek protection from her partner and also custody of the children; I have to do all of this as discreetly as possible. Hiding in the shadows but always being there when needed.

Most of the women will only know me by my first name. For their sake and mine, it is vital that their violent partners cannot track me down.

Of course my job is very, very stressful. But it is also very, very rewarding.  I have helped many women find a place of safety and begin a new life. A Refuge outreach support worker will be handling multiple client cases at any one time. We wish we had more time to help more women – which is why I am writing this message to you.

We know that giving to a charity is always a good thing, and a gift to Refuge can really make a difference to the women and children we support. This is why I am brave (and committed) enough to ask for a donation to help our courageous group of shadow helpers.

Your donation could help ensure I continue to be just a phone call or text message away from helping more women out of appalling situations of violence into a new life, together with their children.

I am very grateful that you have read this right to the end, and look forward to hearing from you in the near future.

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Outreach support worker


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