Freephone 24-Hour National Domestic Abuse Helpline: 0808 2000 247
or visit (access live chat Mon-Fri 3-10pm)

Domestic Abuse bill receiving Royal Assent Domestic Abuse Bill receives Royal Assent

Refuge is delighted that the Domestic Abuse Bill has received Royal Assent and been signed into law, becoming the Domestic Abuse Act. Read more.

Survivor TipsCOVID-19 Survivor Tips

Safety tips for survivors during the COVID-19 crisis. Read more.

 50 years on – domestic abuse is getting smarter

On our 50th anniversary, sadly there is little to celebrate. The numbers of women experiencing domestic abuse, especially tech abuse, is rising – not decreasing.

The latest #Christmas gadgets. The latest way for abusers to control their partners. #16Days

“Living on a knife edge, not knowing if one wrong breath is going to get you hurt.... But my greatest fear was that he would kill my mum and somehow, we would end up just with him” - Cassie, who experienced #DomesticAbuse as a child. #16Days #SurvivorStories (TW: abuse, suicide)

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