Refuge is committed to ensuring that its specialist staff are trained to the highest possible standards.


We believe that the women and children in our care deserve professional support from experts equipped with best practice skills and knowledge.

Refuge and SFJ Awards have launched two qualifications for professionals working with survivors of domestic violence.

The Qualifications and Credit Framework (QCF) and the two associated qualifications were accredited by OfQual in 2012.

New qualifications

  • Level 3 Award: consists of three QCF units. Covers the skills, knowledge and understanding required by domestic violence practitioners when making  risk assessments, determining survivors’ needs and progressing interventions.
  • Level 2 Award: consists of two QCF units. Intended for wider professionals who support victims of domestic violence, e.g. those working within the police, health and social services.

These qualifications allow those who provide support to survivors of domestic violence to gain formal recognition of their skills and expertise.

Training programme

Refuge also offers a specialist training programme which is designed to enable professionals to gain the skills necessary to meet the standards of the Level 3 and 2 Awards.

The training consists of one-day modules.

Whilst demand is such that we are not yet able to offer ‘open’ courses, we are welcoming enquiries from groups of employees, and/or from employers, seeking training. We can also explore how this might be extended to include the relevant qualification where this is also of interest.

Please email for more information on the awards and the training programme