African & African Caribbean refuges

African & African Caribbean refuges

We run refuges for women of African and Caribbean descent. Nine out of ten women in these houses have said they preferred living in a specialist refuge.


Understanding without prejudice

Staff in our specialist refuges understand the specific pressures and challenges facing the women they support.

Women in these refuges often speak of their relief at knowing they will not judged by their behaviour, immigration status, religion or traditions. They know they will not encounter prejudice or racism.


Culturally specific service provision

These are some of the ways the refuges reflect the specific needs of women of African and Caribbean descent:

  • Language support
  • Immigration and asylum seeker support
  • Staff accompany women to appointments, to support and empower them and challenge prejudices and racism
  • Staff work with women to connect with local cultural happenings and faith groups
  • Annual cultural day to celebrate the achievement of Black women
  • Separate pots, cutlery and utensils for non-pork eating women


How do I find a space in a specialist refuge?

The Freephone 24-hour National Domestic Violence Helpline will help you find a space in a specialist refuge. The police, social services and other agencies can also put you in touch with us.