Commitment to quality

Refuge is committed to providing high quality services which meet the needs of abused women and children.


At Refuge we do not believe that ‘one size fits all’. Every woman is unique. We treat every woman – and her children – as individuals with different needs.

Refuge operates a systemic approach to supporting abused women and children. This means that we ensure the same high standards of care and professionalism across all of our services.

No matter which service a woman is using – wherever she is in the country – she will be assured of the same high level of personal support. We go the extra mile for every woman and every child.


How do we achieve high quality?

Refuge is a learning organisation. We constantly strive to improve our services so that they meet the needs of women and children experiencing domestic violence.

Our expert practitioners and managers use a range of tools to do this. Our sophisticated IT systems are built on a framework which allow us to review our performance and undertake continuous improvement.

Our bespoke database REMIT enables us to measure the difference that we make to women and children’s lives. Click here to download a leaflet about REMIT.

Everything we do is shaped by the women and children we support. We proactively seek their feedback – and we use that feedback to refine and develop services. This ensures that they are operating to the highest possible standards.

Refuge also ensures that all members of staff receive comprehensive specialist training. We have played a key role in shaping National Occupational Standards and Qualification Credit Framework units for domestic violence practitioners. These units ensure that the day-to-day work of our staff reflects best practice.


ISO9001:2008 – a mark of excellence

In 2010 Refuge became the first domestic violence organisation in the country to be awarded the internationally recognised ISO9001:2008 certificate by the British Standards Institute.

The British Standards Institute judged that Refuge operates a quality management system for its network of services which complies with the high standards of the ISO9001:2008 qualification.

The ISO9001:2008 demonstrates that:

  • The processes and procedures Refuge uses to deliver its specialist services are robust, consistent and systematic
  • Refuge strives for continuous improvement

Jane Keeper, Refuge’s director of operations, says:

“Refuge has developed a distinctive specialist approach to casework management. Our system ensures a consistently high standard of support across all of our services. It also offers us the opportunity to measure the impact of our work with women and children, allowing us to develop and improve our services according to their needs.

Refuge strives at all times to offer the best possible support to women and children experiencing domestic violence. The ISO9001:2008 certification is a wonderful tribute to the immense hard work of Refuge’s staff and to their dedication to the women and children we support.”


Refuge certificate number: FS 547245