Stop the cover up

This innovative campaign highlighted the fact that society likes to pretend that domestic violence doesn’t exist.


People still think that domestic violence is a private issue, to be dealt with behind closed doors. They say, ‘We can’t interfere, it’s a domestic.’ Or, ‘It only happens in deprived areas. Not in my street.’

But the shocking truth is that one woman in four will experience domestic violence at some point in her life. There is no typical victim. She could be a friend, colleague, sister, daughter or neighbour.

Domestic violence affects everyone. We all have a role to play in ending it.


The campaign, undertaken in partnership with marketing company Craik Jones in 2006, sought to raise awareness of domestic violence through two innovative ideas:


1. Stop the cover up

Free samples of ‘Slap’ concealer were distributed to members of the public at busy commuter hubs and in gyms, shopping areas and salons across London.

The language on the packaging of the make-up was cleverly subverted to raise awareness of domestic violence. One line reads: ‘Recommended for keeping up appearances’.


2. Stop the bruising

Crates of fruit, bearing stickers with the slogan ‘Stop the bruising’, were distributed to offices in London. Finance directors also received an information pack and an invitation to support Refuge through corporate donations.

The fruit was also stocked at a grocery shop in north London, along with paper bags carrying the message, ‘It could happen in your street’.