Prevention and education

Prevention and education

Refuge believes that we will only end domestic violence when the whole of society challenges domestic violence and thinks it is unacceptable and sees it as a crime. We must hold perpetrators accountable for their actions, not blame the victims.


We think a person’s reaction to a problem depends on his or her understanding of it. Someone who understands the causes of domestic violence, and why it is wrong, is more likely to challenge and condemn it.

We communicate a simple message about domestic violence: it is a problem which touches us all and we all have a part to play in ending it. The cost to society – both financially and in terms of human suffering – is immeasurable.

Our aim is to raise awareness of domestic violence among every group in the UK: children, young people and adults; MPs, government ministers and policymakers; the professionals abused women and children turn to for support (eg doctors, teachers, lawyers and judges).

We work hard to get the message across that domestic violence must not be tolerated.


Refuge is well-known for its award-winning campaigns designed to raise awareness of domestic violence.
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Refuge works alongside MPs, ministers and policymakers to ensure policies and legislation give abused women and children the protection and services they deserve.

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Refuge knows that abused women and children are not always treated appropriately by the professionals they turn to for support.

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Support materials

We can supply leaflets, posters and wallet-sized helpline cards. If you would like to receive any of these materials please contact the Refuge press office on