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Woman and child receiving support

By setting up a monthly gift to Refuge today, Your support will enable our team to help more women and children rebuild their lives. Please donate today.

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£2 a month could pay for an emergency pack

Sometimes women need to escape in a hurry and arrive at our refuges with nothing but the clothes they are wearing. Your regular gift could pay for the emergency packs we provide.

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£5 a month could give a woman protection from harassment from an abusive partner

Our Independent Domestic Violence Advocates help women to obtain injunctions and occupation orders and they help increase conviction rates.

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£8 a month could help women enter the job market

Often women are stopped from working by their abusers, or they may have had to leave their job to escape violence and abuse. Your regular donation could help give women back their independence to find work.

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For just 33p a day (£10 a month) you could ‘Support a Stay’ for a woman and her children in one of our refuges. Your support could mean the end to months or years of domestic violence for a woman, or the end to a child witnessing the trauma of domestic abuse.

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