In the UK, 750,000 children witness domestic violence each year, an experience that can have a profound and lasting impact.

Help us give these children the gift they really want this year – #givethemrefuge

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Domestic violence is at epidemic levels in the UK. 1 in 4 women in the UK will experience domestic violence at some point in their lives and 2 women per week will be killed by a partner or ex-partner in England and Wales. The lesser known and equally shocking fact is that 3/4 million children witness and experience abuse each year.

But, Refuge’s vital services for children experiencing domestic violence are under-funded and under threat.

Please watch our short, powerful film above and help us #givethemrefuge by sharing our film and making a donation to save Refuge’s services today.

Amanda* witnessed domestic violence from a young age, as she explains: “From as young as I can remember I witnessed my father abuse, threaten and intimidate my mum; my brother, mother and I lived in daily fear and terror. It was only after a frantic phone call I had with my father that I knew he would fulfil his threat to ‘smash her brains against the wall’ and kill my mother. It was after that phone call that we made an escape to the sanctity of a refuge.  I was 10 years old then; I’m 22 now.  Even today, I look back and thank my lucky stars that we were able to access support from Refuge.  Not only did the refuge give us safety, anonymity and a place to overcome our trauma and rebuild our lives, but my brother and I had the opportunity to enjoy our childhood and also start over.

“I am ashamed that the state does not protect funding for the vital services that Refuge runs. Imagine if we had not had access to a refuge – would I be alive today? Would my brother, my mother?  I would urge anyone watching this video affected by this issue to be brave enough to reach out and contact Refuge.  And I would ask everyone to share #givethemrefuge – a powerful video which tells a story that was so very similar to my own.  And please please do donate – together we can save services and ensure children like me and my brother get the support they so desperately need and deserve.”

Thank you.

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*Amanda’s name has been changed to protect her identity