Are you ready to take up the experience of a lifetime whilst raising vital funds for women and children?


Refuge is delighted to offer supporters the chance to take part in a FREE sponsored parachute jump.

Take to the skies and experience the freedom and thrill of freefalling at speeds of over 120mph and heights reaching 15,000ft.

There are three types of jump to choose from:

  • Tandem skydive – strapped to a professional, you will jump from 10,000 ft and freefall at speeds of up to 120mph! No experience required – the training and jump are completed on the same day.
  • Solo ‘Static line’ jump – descend on your own from 3,000 ft! You’ll have a day’s training then jump the following day, after which you will be awarded an official British Parachute Association certificate – your first step to becoming a fully qualified skydiver!
  • Accelerated free fall – you will train for a skydive from up to 15,000ft, jumping with two professional accelerated freefall instructors by your side. You’ll exit the aircraft by yourself and, after completing some in-air manoeuvres, pull your own parachute to float gently to the ground….all while raising funds for Refuge.

There are over 24 approved skydiving centres around the country, so wherever you are there is bound to be an airfield near you.


All you need do is raise the minimum sponsorship required (from £395, depending on the type of jump you choose), and the jump won’t cost you a penny!


Sign up today!

Refuge acts as a safety net for thousands of women and children experiencing domestic violence. By taking part in a sponsored parachute jump, you can help to sustain our life-saving and life-changing work.

Every penny you raise will help us empower more women and children to rebuild their lives free from violence and fear.


Help us be their safety net!

Your parachute will act as your safety net – help us to act as theirs.

Email us today for your free information pack or call 0207 395 7713.

If you have any questions about the jump itself please contact Skyline, the company who organise the jumps for us. You can contact them on 0870 345 8000.

Ready to sign up? You can book online today.

News from the skies…

Congratulations to Gavin Helmer, who celebrated his 40th birthday by raising nearly £8,000 for Refuge – by ‘throwing himself out of an aeroplane with a view to attempting to land safely on terra firma with the aid of some silk and cord’.

Gavin before takeoff

Gavin, who took part in the jump in September 2009, said, “I have donated to Refuge in the past. It is difficult to understand the pain and suffering that must be endured by women and children living in violent circumstances, and I have the greatest admiration for the work that Refuge does to provide support in these situations.”

Gavin takes to the skies



Gavin proved that life really does begin at 40 – he described jumping from the plane at 12,000 feet as ‘easy’, and is considering doing another jump in the future: “It is genuinely good fun, and I would recommend it to any of you without hesitation!”

Gavin raised an incredible amount of money for Refuge. He kindly funded his own jump, so that the money given by his sponsors went straight to us. We wish to extend our deepest thanks to him for the money raised and the excellent work he has done to raise awareness of Refuge’s life-saving work.

Thank you to all of our brave skydivers!

Gavin about to land

If you have completed a skydive for Refuge we’d LOVE to hear from you! Please send photos or comments by email.

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