Rock Choir

It is an honour and a privilege to be supported by Rock Choir. Never before has Refuge been supported so enthusiastically by so many.


Rock Choir is the UK’s original amateur contemporary choir, with over 16,000 members in 200 towns across the country.

They have been supporting Refuge for several years. In 2011, 7,500 Rock Choir members performed an incredible rendition of ‘Something Inside So Strong’ at Wembly to celebrate Refuge’s 40th anniversary.

Click here to watch the performance.


The lyrics in the song speak volumes about the life-saving and life-changing support Refuge provides to countless women and children. It was the perfect anthem.


Rock Choir says:

“It is the liberating power of the choir that led to the relationship with Refuge, the national domestic violence charity for women and children.

Rock Choir has dedicated our track ‘Something Inside So Strong’ directly to Refuge, and the group will continue to use our music to highlight the incredible work performed by the organisation each and every day.”   


We are delighted to have the amazing support of Rock Choir.