Payroll giving

Payroll giving is the most tax effective way to support Refuge’s work with abused women and children.  


What is payroll giving?

Payroll giving enables employees to donate to any UK charity straight from their wages. Your donation will come to us automatically every month, straight from your pay packet, until you decide to cancel it. This means that once it is set up, you don’t have to worry about remembering to give again.

You will be doing your bit to support women and children experiencing domestic violence without even having to think about it!

Payroll giving is the most tax efficient way that you can donate to Refuge. This is because the donation comes out before tax is deducted from your earnings. This means that if you chose to give us £10 from your pay packet, it will only cost you £8. If you pay a higher rate of income tax than the basic rate, this could be even more. 


How can I get involved?

If you would like to support Refuge by giving in this way, your payroll or HR department can tell you if your company already operates a payroll giving scheme. If it does, simply fill out a form with your chosen amount and charity. You can support more than one charity and you can also choose to give anonymously if you prefer.

You can also download our Refuge specific payroll giving form and hand it to your HR department.

Setting up a scheme

If your company doesn’t already have a scheme in place, it’s easy to set one up. All you need to do is sign up with a payroll giving agency who will administer the donations on your behalf. Ask your HR department to set one up today: click here for a list of Inland Revenue approved agencies.

Benefits to the employer

Getting involved in payroll giving can be an ideal way for organisations to generate a vital income stream for charities.

Research shows that having a scheme in place benefits business by:

  • Boosting your social responsibility profile
  • Enhancing community involvement programmes
  • Improving staff recruitment and retention

Companies with a payroll giving scheme in place also reported that it was easy to run and simple for staff to join.


So what are you waiting for? Sign up today!

If you would like more information on how to get involved, please call the fundraising team on 0207 395 7713 or email