Chantal’s story


Chantal, age 10


It was a quiet night. I was watching television when a loud voice broke through the house. My dad screeching at my mum.

Then I heard a loud thump on the wall. My younger sisters came rushing through the door to cuddle up with me. As I tried to comfort them, I heard the endless echo of crying and fighting. All I wanted to do was shut myself in a box and hope for it to stop.

With no-one to hug me and say it would be okay, I could only sit and let the tears roll down my face. My sisters were begging me to make it stop, and I shouted for it to stop, but no-one heard me. The fight just carried on.

I went through to the kitchen to tell my parents that they were upsetting us. As I walked into the room I saw my dad pinning my mum up against the wall and screaming in her ear.

I turned and headed upstairs to my bedroom. The noise stopped. A door slammed and I heard my mum’s steps on our wooden stairs outside my room. She flopped on my bed beside me and sobbed into my pillow.


All names and identifying details have been changed to protect individuals involved.