Angela’s story

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Angela’s story

I never took money out of the cashpoint without telling him first. Not once in the fifteen years we were together. No point in asking for trouble.

Even if I needed shampoo I had to ask him first and then when I got back from the shops he would check it was a cheap one. The same with clothes. He used to come with me to the shops and pick things out. “That skirt’s too short, you look like a tart”, or “What are you doing with that, you’ve not got the figure for it.”

I quite liked him taking an interest at first – I liked the fact he cared what I looked like. But after I’d left him I realised that it was really just his way of controlling me. Or should I say, another way of controlling me. And of course there was always money for the things he needed, and don’t you imagine he came asking me for it first.

Now I’ve left him I have hardly any money anyway but being able to go down the shops and pick out whatever I like makes me feel like the richest woman alive.


All names and identifying details have been changed to protect individuals involved.