Amina, Amed and Tom

True stories


Amina, age 10

My Mum was sad in the old house because my Dad used to hit her every day. Sometimes I tried to stop him.

My father should be the one to go away from our house because he was wrong in what he was doing. It shouldn’t be all of us that have to go away.

Now I want to be a lawyer because it looks good on TV programmes and then I can help children and their mothers when they go through what I went through.


Tom, age 10

Now we live in a new house. I’m happy because Dad isn’t around and Mum smiles a lot now, and I can talk to her about anything. I feel safe because we have special telephone numbers to call if there is a problem, like Dad finding us.


Amed’s mother talking about her son, age 6

Amed is gradually starting to talk to other adults and he’s becoming a lot less violent towards me.

He has started to make some progress at school in reading and writing although he still has difficulties interacting with his classmates. Our Refuge psychologist was the first person Amed talked to about the violence he had witnessed and about his confusion about what his father did.

When he had sessions with the psychologist, she was able to explain to him why he should not be hitting his mother. Following these sessions he started to hit me less and less and now he has stopped doing it. The biggest change is that Amed is so much happier. He has regained some of his confidence and he is able to do more things on his own.


All names and identifying details have been changed to protect individuals involved.