Support for men

We understand that men may find it difficult to disclose that they have experienced violence or abuse. Some men report feeling embarrassed or ashamed, and may feel anxious when discussing their experiences.


At Refuge, we believe that everybody has the right to a life free from violence. We have a number of services which support male survivors of sexual violence, including the Gaia Centre in Lambeth, the Athena Service in Lewisham and our Thames Valley Sexual Violence Advisory Service.



However, there are a number of additional organisations which support men across the country:


Survivors UK provides a dedicated online helpline and other services for adult men (aged 18+) who want to talk about rape or sexual abuse.


Rape Crisis has a number of services that support men and boys across the country. Click here to search their directory of services.


Victim Support provides resources for men who have experienced rape and sexual assault on the website, including information around reporting abuse.


The National Association for People Abused in Childhood support male survivors of childhood sexual abuse and exploitation with a national helpline and a network of projects across the country.