Community outreach

Community outreach projects

Refuge’s community outreach projects are based in south London and provide support to Vietnamese, Asian, Somali and Turkish women.


The projects exist in recognition of the specific needs of black and minority ethnic women in Britain and offer a discreet, confidential service. All Refuge’s services are confidential, but the community outreach projects are particularly discreet.

Staff have the same cultural background as the women they are supporting. They are able to operate within the community without drawing attention to themselves and they understand the challenges faced by the women they are working with. They also appreciate the feelings of shame and family responsibility felt by many abused women living in tight-knit communities.


Speaking the same language

Staff speak the same language as the women they are supporting. This is essential when many women do not speak English and this may have led to extreme isolation.


How to contact us

For general administration enquiries please call 020 7395 7700. Women experiencing domestic violence can get in touch with us by calling the 24-hour National Domestic Violence Freephone Helpline. The Helpline has access to interpreters via Language Line. Women are also referred to us from other agencies.