About domestic violence

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Myths of domestic violence.
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MYTH: Alcohol and drugs make men violent.
MYTH: It only happens in poor families on council estates.

MYTH: More women would leave if the abuse was that bad.
MYTH: Abusers grow up in violent homes.
MYTH: Some women like violence.
MYTH: Women ask for it. They deserve what they get.
MYTH: Abusive men have a mental illness. They can’t help what they do.
MYTH: He only hit her because he was under stress.

MYTH: He loses his temper sometimes, that’s all.
MYTH: Domestic violence is a private matter, you shouldn’t get involved.

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What causes domestic violence?
There is no single cause of domestic violence. It comes from a combination of factors, including society’s attitudes, community responses, and the individual psychology experiences of the abuser and the abused.

Domestic violence is the result of an abuser’s desire for power and control. Women are considered less important by many in our society and this creates an imbalance of power between the sexes.

As a result male abusers are too often allowed to get away with their actions.

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What is domestic violence?
Domestic violence is the abuse of one partner within an intimate or family relationship. It is the repeated, random and habitual use of intimidation to control a partner.

The abuse can be physical, emotional, psychological, financial or sexual.

If you are forced to alter your behaviour because you are frightened of your partner’s reaction, you are being abused.

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Who does domestic violence happen to?
Anyone can be abused, regardless of their social background, age, gender, religion, sexuality or ethnicity.

Although men can be abused too, the statistics show that in most cases it is women who are abused.

· One in four women is abused during her lifetime.
· One in nine is severely physically abused each year.
· Two are killed each week .

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