Refuge responds to the latest CPS Violence against Women and Girls report

Today, the Crown Prosecution Service has released figures that show the number of people charged and prosecuted for crimes relating to Violence against Women and Girls (VAWG).

Sandra Horley 2017 headshotResponding to the latest report, chief executive of Refuge, Sandra Horley CBE, says:

“These new figures include the staggering statistic that violence against women and girls now accounts for a fifth of all prosecutions in England and Wales, with the overwhelming majority of these cases made up of domestic abuse offences.

“While it is encouraging that the authorities take this issue more seriously today than a decade ago, Refuge is deeply concerned about the decrease in domestic violence prosecutions in the past year.

“The report makes clear that there has been a worrying fall in referrals of domestic abuse from the police to the CPS over the past two years. We know that police forces are still inundated with calls – receiving around a million reports of domestic violence a year. But only around 450,000 of these reports were logged as crimes last year, and only one in four of those led to prosecutions.

“It is a sad fact that too many women who seek help are still let down by the police response, and Refuge regularly hears reports of haphazard investigations in which perpetrators are not arrested and evidence is not captured.

“Domestic violence is a crime that  claims the lives of two women every week in this country. We hope these figures serve as a wake-up call, and encourage police forces to start looking at the problem through the eyes of the victims.”

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