Domestic Violence Champion-London Borough of Brent

Refuge, the national domestic violence charity, is providing FREE training for people from Lithuanian, Polish, and Romanian communities in the borough of Brent to become domestic violence champions.


Why would you become a champion?

  • Would you like to see your community become a place where domestic violence is seen as unacceptable?
  • Are you concerned about friends and neighbours who may be experiencing violence, or controlling and frightening behaviour from people they are close to?
  • Would you like to know how to help survivors experiencing domestic violence by providing information and support?


What is the required commitment?

  • To attend two training dates to become a Domestic Violence Champion and then use the skills you’ve learned in the community
  • To be an on-going contact for the Brent Safer Neighbourhoods Board around issues of domestic violence in your community

As a Domestic Violence Champion you could support survivors of domestic violence in your community.   You will also be able to include this voluntary work and training on your CV.


What is the role of a domestic violence champion?

  • Recognise the wide variety and signs of abusive and controlling behaviour


  • Understand what to say to someone experiencing domestic violence
  • Become confident and competent in responding safely to domestic violence
  • Support survivors in taking the first steps in talking about domestic abuse so they can seek support
  • Signpost onto Refuge’s specialist domestic violence support services
  • Receive on-going advice from the Refuge – Eastern European Advocacy Service

What will you NOT be asked to do?

You will not be asked to:

  • Act as counsellor
  • Provide long-term support to an individual experiencing domestic violence
  • Tell people what to do – we never give advice
  • Personally intervene in a way that could put you or others at risk
  • Act as an interpreter
  • Train others to become champions



When is the training?


The training will take place over two days in the borough of Brent. The first training dates will be on the 21st or 25th January 2016.  There will be a second follow up training day in March 2016.  It is essential that both training days are attended to become a domestic violence champion.


I’m interested in becoming a domestic violence champion! What do I do now?

Reference: 1DVC


Contact the Refuge – Eastern European Advocacy Service on 077 2524 8777 Monday to Friday 9-5 or email for more information. Please register your interest by the 18th of January 2016.