Police officers allegedly caught on tape calling domestic violence victim “f***ing bitch” and “slag”

Two West Midlands Police officers are being investigated after a conversation about a suspected domestic violence victim was unintentionally recorded on her voicemail

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Sandra Horley CBE, chief executive of national domestic violence charity Refuge, says:

Sandra Horley CBE

“I was appalled, but not surprised, to hear the comments allegedly left by West Midlands Police officers on the voicemail of a domestic violence victim. We know that negative attitudes about women who experience domestic violence persist within the police – but it is rare to hear them captured on tape.

“These horrifying comments are not an isolated incident. Day in, day out, we hear about police officers failing to respond to women experiencing domestic violence. Far too many women are disbelieved, ignored and denied protection. In the worst cases, women and children are killed after the police fail to fulfil their duties.

“The police need to get the basics right. They need to respond to 999 calls from women experiencing domestic violence, collect evidence to support a prosecution, arrest perpetrators, risk assess victims, and tell them about the support they can get from organisations like Refuge. The police should treat domestic violence as seriously as other violent crime.

“We cannot ignore this problem any longer. Domestic violence carries a staggering death toll – two women a week are killed by current or former partners in England and Wales.

“We urgently need a public inquiry to uncover the truth about the way the police, and all state agencies, respond to women and children experiencing domestic violence. Please sign our petition now.”