Join Refuge and Avon’s Four Ways to Speak Out Against Domestic Violence campaign

The joint Refuge and Avon Four Ways To Speak Out campaign urges people to ‘speak out’ against domestic violence in four simple ways at

  1. Signing a petition calling for the Government to put an end to the postcode lottery of domestic violence services – as it stands, one in three local authorities do not provide any domestic violence services in their locality whatsoever
  2. Buying an Avon empowerment necklace to commemorate the women killed by domestic violence and help fund vital domestic violence services
  3. Downloading a poster to display in your local area – so women know where to get help
  4. Inviting friends and family to join the campaign

Andy Overton, brother to Rebecca Kowal who was killed by her partner Robert Byrom 8 May 2008, says: “My sister Rebecca was killed by a violent and controlling man who gave her over 170 separate injuries. Her death could have been prevented, but instead she has been taken from us forever. I hope that no other family has to go through what we’ve been through.  This is why I am backing the Four Ways To Speak Out campaign in the hope that we can prevent more women like Becky dying at the hands of abusive men.” Sandra Horley, OBE, chief executive of Refuge, says: “Every week up to two women are killed by a current or former partner and four more commit suicide as their only way to escape abuse.  That’s a death toll of 12 women every week in the UK.  That is not acceptable.  We need to raise awareness of domestic violence and provide more life saving services to women who need support.  We urgently need to end the postcode lottery of domestic violence services and to do this we need a national funding strategy. “I am urging everyone who sees or hears about this campaign to take action – sign the petition, buy a necklace, download the poster.  Visit to find out how you can support the campaign it’s simple and easy to take part – if thousands of people get involved imagine what we can achieve. “Avon, which has been supporting Refuge’s work for the last two years, has called on its thousands of Avon Representatives and staff to speak out against domestic violence and mobilise the Four Ways to Speak Out campaign across the UK. I can only hope that thousands of other people will follow suit. “However, if we do nothing, if we keep silent, we become part of the problem.  Through our silence and inaction we are indirectly condoning domestic violence.  Please speak out – it will save lives.” Allyson Russell, executive director, business development at Avon UK says: “It’s a challenge for a beauty brand to take on the ugly issue of domestic violence but at Avon we believe that if you can empower a woman, you can change the world. Supporting women’s causes is at our core, and we are committed to helping women create a better life for themselves, their family and their communities. “With over 6 million Avon Representatives across the globe, and millions of customers here in the UK alone, Avon is a unique position to spread the vital word on domestic violence through our woman-to-woman network. Our Representatives are a real force for good and will be out in numbers spreading the word about the Avon and Refuge Four Ways campaign.”