New book by TV presenter and domestic violence survivor Wendy Turner Webster

Pet Rescue presenter Wendy Turner Webster has used her own experiences of domestic violence to inspire her new novel, The End of Emily West.  Fifty percent of the profits from the novel will be donated to Refuge.

Wendy’s first-hand knowledge of the enormous barriers faced by women experiencing domestic violence inspired Wendy to create the character of Emily.  Emily’s childhood is shattered by the death of her brother Bobby and her wish to escape to a more exciting life appears to be granted when, at the age of 18, she meets Darren O’Dowel. Fifteen years her senior and with a job at the local radio station Darren seems to offer a sophisticated and glamorous existence… the reality is anything but. Darren is domineering and abusive and leads her into a world of drink, drugs and sexual exploitation.  The story follows Emily’s escape from Darren, and her battle to start a new life.

Wendy says:
“After recovering from a serious illness and bankruptcy I decided to set about writing a novel. (Actually I had already made a tentative start but it’s difficult to be creative when the bailiffs are hammering on the door!) My background is in commercial scriptwriting but I wanted to give this book strength by drawing on some personal experiences.

“As a former victim of domestic violence I used that subject on which to base the story of The End of Emily West. Suffering mental and physical abuse at the hands of your partner is one of the most vile and degrading things a person can go through and I am determined to do anything I can to help the campaign against this all too common crime.

“Domestic violence destroys lives. I lived with the pain of it happening and the pain or recovering from it for 13 years. If I hadn’t met Gary who gave me the strength of support to deal with what I’d been through I may still be living a life clouded by shame and regret.”

Sandra Horley OBE, CEO of Refuge, says: “We cannot thank Wendy enough for donating a portion of the proceeds of The End of Emily West to Refuge.  This book will not only help to reach out to women who need support, but will raise vital funds for Refuge’s life-saving and life-changing work.

“Domestic violence pervades all of our society, but is hidden by closed doors.  Wendy’s book will shine a light on the true suffering, fear and, of course, bravery, of women and children experiencing domestic violence.  The End of Emily West is a story of strength, hope and survival, which is bound to inspire its readers.”